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"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" arrives in...
entertainment"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" arrives in cinema and is for Dragon Ball fans!kh
As we all know, Dragon Ball is an animated movie that most people know and love since early childhood, especially through the film series. In the Drag line


How beautiful is Sokun Nisan this year?
entertainmentHow beautiful is Sokun Nisan this year?kh
Phnom Penh: The old fans already know the singer for Raksmey Hang Meas Production, a singer Sokun Anas, who has been very supportive. She has a voice


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Ever have seen Uyen dress like Cute...
entertainmentEver have seen Uyen dress like Cute Cute, but when it comes to dating like this!kh
Phnom Penh: Young Singer for Sandy Dae-Eun has gained popularity and support from Fen with her latest and greatest hits. Particularly referring to the style of


The horror film MA has been screened...
entertainmentThe horror film MA has been screened at theaters todaykh
The new movie, which will be screened at the theater today under the title "MA", will bring its audience through the famous production of the BlumHouse blockbuster. Movie MA is a movie


July's horror story does not allow...
entertainmentJuly's horror story does not allow you to have heart failurekh
From The Hills Have Eyes director Alexandre Aja and producer Evil Dead and Do not Breathe, Sam Raimi of Paramount Pictures will bring you all to the horror scene.


Comedy movie The Mammy Love has been...
entertainmentComedy movie The Mammy Love has been screened at the cinema since today (video)kh
Another new movie titled "Mom Love Love" came to Cambodia's cinema today.


Actress Yaya Urassaya played only 30...
entertainmentthaiActress Yaya Urassaya played only 30 minutes, 300,000 baht, but she did this beforekh
Thailand: Yaya Urassaya recently attended a festival in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand.


The story of a spider: far from home...
entertainmentThe story of a spider: far from home becomes a movie with a single heroine who can earn the most money.kh
Spider-Man: Far From Home After the World and Cambodia Surprised by the Spin-off of the First Day,


"Chucky" has come back again in the...
entertainment"Chucky" has come back again in the new movie "Chucky Monster Manga" or "Child's Play"kh
As you know, the Chucky Monster from the horror films that have been screened since we were young, has come back in the middle of 2019.


Spider-Man: away from home ranks...
entertainmentSpider-Man: away from home ranks number three among the top-grossing films on the first screening daykh
After the Avengers: End Game in April, now look at "Spider Man: Far From Home", which premiered on July 5th.



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