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AIIB Bank offers US $ 75 million in...
cambodiaAIIB Bank offers US $ 75 million in loan to promote Cambodia's fast-growing internetkh
(Phnom Penh): Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved a $ 75 million loan to Cambodia Fiber Optic Communication Network Co., Ltd. (CFOCN) To help stimulate growth


Canada says another citizen has been...
worldCanada says another citizen has been arrested in China amid unfair communicationskh
Canada's Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that China had detained another Canadian on a timely basis. Relations between the two countries have been tense, however, the reasons for the arrest are still unclear


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After a leak of comments by British...
worldusaAfter a leak of comments by British Ambassador, other diplomats paykh
At least one Washington ambassador believes the forced resignation of Britain's chief diplomat in the American capital will prompt other envoys to change their way of communicating with their home governments.


Digging into the Roblox growth strategy
technologyDigging into the Roblox growth strategy
Could Roblox create a new entertainment and communication category, something it calls “social co-experience”? When it was a small startup, few observers would have believed in that future. But after 15 years — as told in the origin story of our


Master Pharma and drug makers from...
healthMaster Pharma and drug makers from Bangladesh jointly raise awareness of non-communicable diseases or non-communicable diseaseskh
Phnom Penh: On 5th July 2019, Master Pharma Group Ltd. cooperated with Eskayef Pharmaceutical Limited Limited to launch an outreach workshop on "Non-Communicable Diseases" in Phnom Penh with the


 How AI Chatbots and Virtual...
programmingai How AI Chatbots and Virtual Assistants Will Transcend the Current Constructs of
By Peyton WangIn recent years , chatbots have improved the efficiency of businesses across the world through streamlining communication with consumers .​ For example , we can message a Starbucks chatbot to order a refreshing beverage or ask a Lyft


Mr. Siphan told reporters if he had...
cambodiaMr. Siphan told reporters if he had difficulty communicating with a spokesman at the Ministry of Interior on 11 July 201 4, 4:19 pmkh
Phnom Penh: If journalists do not communicate with the spokesperson in each ministry, they must report to the Government Spokesperson's Office to grow a spokesperson.


Swit, a collaboration suite that...
technologySwit, a collaboration suite that offers “freedom from integrations,” raises $6 million in seed funding
A marketplace dominated by Slack and Microsoft Teams, along with a host of other smaller workplace communication apps, might seem to leave little room for a new entrant, but Swit wants to prove that wrong. The app combines messaging with a roster of


Inrix expands its digital rule book...
technologyInrix expands its digital rule book beyond self-driving cars to help cities with scooters, bikes and delivery bots
Cities use paint and signs to communicate the rules of the road in a world where urban spaces must choreograph an infinite dance between pedestrians and personally owned cars, scooters and bicycles, ride-hailing services, delivery trucks, buses,


Staffbase, the mobile-first employee...
technologyStaffbase, the mobile-first employee communication and ‘experience’ platform, raises $23M Series C
Staffbase, a mobile-first platform that enables employees to communicate, access work-related services and stay updated with company information, has raised $23 million in Series C funding. The investment is led by Insight Partners, with



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