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G-Devith, rap singer-songwriter,...
entertainmentG-Devith, rap singer-songwriter, composer of song and lyric, and directing acting, now adding a new toughening career.kh
Earlier, Tep Bopha, a singer and songwriter, posted a message on the social network that shocked the crowd, "Last night, the car broke up, Yi Yi is bad, not just rap.


G-Devith excuses Heng Long's words to...
entertainmentG-Devith excuses Heng Long's words to saying, "A person with a prestige like Long Long does not give you"kh
The story of an artistic society that happened on Tep Bopha after a man threw a beer onto the girl on the stage while filing a lawsuit against the court, prompting compensation for Tep Bopha.


Gossip about the words of a funeral...
entertainmentGossip about the words of a funeral speaker and a priest, G-Devith makes a suggestionkh
In a bitter dispute between a funeral and a monk who has a Facebook account called Sir Hak, the cheetah cheerleader posted a message on Facebook, saying, "No



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