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Microsoft also banned Huawei as...
worldkhMicrosoft also banned Huawei as Google did.
(US): Microsoft, which has previously refused to confirm whether or not it has agreed to ban a Chinese company Huawei by the Donald Trump administration, may now be unable to prolong it.


Founding Fathers: "The US's 90-day...
worldkhFounding Fathers: "The US's 90-day delay is meaningless, Huawei is ready to act"
China's Huawei Technologies co-founder Ren Zhengfei said Wednesday that the delay of 90 days in implementing the ban on the company was meaningless, and that Huawei was preparing for the launch.


Austrian scandal: The German...
worldkhAustrian scandal: The German Chancellor calls on the EU to oppose politicians "selling heads abroad", while in Cambodia, there are also conspirators, foreigners, and traitors in Cambodia.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday called on all European politicians to take a stand against some of the ultra-right-wing politicians who "sell their heads" and serve the interests of


Indonesia: Six dead and more than 200...
worldkhIndonesia: Six dead and more than 200 wounded in violent protests against election results
Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan said six people had been killed and more than 200 were injured in violent demonstrations that took place after the official election results in the country.


China's major airlines are trying to...
worldkhChina's major airlines are trying to recover from Boeing's loss for the 737 MAX
Major Chinese airline companies including Air China, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines said they are seeking a compensation from Boeing for a loss caused by a delay.


Indonesian police fired tear gas and...
worldkhIndonesian police fired tear gas and arrested 20 protesters in anti-election protests
Jakarta police on Wednesday decided to tear gas to disperse protesters in central Jakarta against election results, indicating that Joko Widodo was re-elected in the second mandate


Foreign Minister: Venezuela will not...
worldkhForeign Minister: Venezuela will not be happy if the United States continues to harass and threaten
Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza continues to urge Washington to stop the country's internal interference, and has asked the US and Venezuela to resolve the differences.


United States: "Our act now is to...
worldkhUnited States: "Our act now is to prevent war, not to prepare war"
US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan claimed that US activities are now aimed at curbing rather than trying to wage war with Iran.


Embassies, companies, and businesses...
worldkhEmbassies, companies, and businesses were forced to temporarily shut down the gates of Jakarta in the face of an explosion of protests against election results.
As the protests broke out against the official results of Indonesian elections, embassies and businesses, and many public transportation terminals were temporarily closed on Wednesday in the Jakarta capital, Jakarta.


China remains open to reopening trade...
worldkhChina remains open to reopening trade talks with the United States
Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tainkai said Beijing is still ready to resuming talks with Washington seeking a solution that will end the war on trade.



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