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Hot Dogs and Coffee that Jungkook...
entertainmentHot Dogs and Coffee that Jungkook posted in the morning was actually Jin Goo's giftkh
South Korea: After receiving gifts of snacks and sweets from Jungkook in April while filming for Hotel del Luna, actor Jin Goo sent gifts to beer-filled coffee cans and


7 Disturbing Gooigi Facts You Never...
gaming7 Disturbing Gooigi Facts You Never Wanted to Know
Gooigi should've never existed but he's here now so here are 7 disturbing facts about this gooey boy.


Justin Roiland's Trover Saves the...
gamingJustin Roiland's Trover Saves the Universe launches with the day's most disturbing trailer
Rich Fulcher sticks goo-babies into his eye sockets and yells at Space Morty for three very long minutes.


Hara explains the reason for suicide
entertainmentHara explains the reason for suicidekh
Goo Hara, former KARA member, released a statement after the attempt ...


Depression causes former KARA members...
entertainmentDepression causes former KARA members to end their own liveskh
On May 26, a shocking news report about KARA actor and former member Goo Hara attempted to commit suicide, causing her fans to be shocked.


Kim Chandy's handsome husband gets...
entertainmentKim Chandy's handsome husband gets married and longer, more handsome, muscular than the rest of the groom.kh
South Korean actress Ahn Jae Hyun, who is known to be the beloved husband of actress Goo Hye Sun, recently starred in the F4 drama, has shocked fans.


Goo Hara is hospitalized after...
entertainmentGoo Hara is hospitalized after attempting suicidekh
South Korean singer-songwriter Goo Hara and former member of the Kara charts were sent to the hospital following a suicide attempt, Yanhap News reported.


Goo Hara, a former KARA member, is...
entertainmentGoo Hara, a former KARA member, is shortlisted to death, and has been helpedkh
KARA's Goo Hara, a former member of the KARA group, posted a few messages in her Instargram that she had suffered a lot of pain that she seemed to blame herself on.


It's the World Slime Convention!...
technologyIt's the World Slime Convention! Let's Goo!
Welcome to the World Slime Convention, where fans and purveyors of the internet's gloppiest trend gather to network and talk shop—many with their parents in tow.

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