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English Village Seeks a Doctor, Using...
worldEnglish Village Seeks a Doctor, Using a Hashtag and a Video
Residents of Mevagissey, at the southwestern tip of England, have taken to social media to try to ensure their community keeps its local health services.


Japanese Women Want a Law Against...
worldJapanese Women Want a Law Against Mandatory Heels at Work
Thousands of supporters have rallied behind the hashtag #KuToo, a pun based on the words for shoe and pain.


'Fresh' new Darksiders game teased...
gaming'Fresh' new Darksiders game teased for E3 2019
Developer panel set for June 13Love it or groan at it, there's no stopping Darksiders now. The hashtag-inducing demonic action series has found a steady enough following to sustain itself, and another game is officially on the way. Last year brought us th



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