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That's why Chinese nationalists cheat...
technologymobilekhThat's why Chinese nationalists cheat the iPhone after Huawei suffered from the US
Chinese people cheat their iPhone for a national show of support for Chinese giant Huawei, which is owned by a US conglomerate.


If Huawei Loses Access to ARM's Chip...
technologyIf Huawei Loses Access to ARM's Chip Designs, It's Toast
ARM designs the chips that power everything from smartphones to data centers. Without it, Huawei has few good options.


technologyEngadget ARM reportedly tells employees to suspend all business with Huawei
ARM is no longer working with Huawei, according to the BBC, and that could have a huge impact on the tech giant's mobile business.


Huawei’s U.S. Restrictions Expose a...
technologyHuawei’s U.S. Restrictions Expose a High-Tech Achilles’ Heel for China
China is heavily reliant on imported computer chips, despite efforts to develop its own semiconductor industry.


Microsoft also banned Huawei as...
worldkhMicrosoft also banned Huawei as Google did.
(US): Microsoft, which has previously refused to confirm whether or not it has agreed to ban a Chinese company Huawei by the Donald Trump administration, may now be unable to prolong it.


UK, Japan Mobile Operators Suspend...
technologymobileUK, Japan Mobile Operators Suspend Huawei 5G Phone Launches
Move that puts on hold plans to sell new Huawei devices is latest fallout from US restrictions on Chinese company


Chip designer Arm will stop doing...
technologymobileChip designer Arm will stop doing business with Huawei because of Trump ban
But all licenses already signed will still be in effect, which means Huawei can build its own chips for several years to come.


ARM halts Huawei relationship...
technologyARM halts Huawei relationship following US ban
The dominoes continue to fall for Huawei in the wake of a Trump-led U.S. trade ban. An internal memo from ARM lays out the chip giant’s decision to hit pause on “all active contracts, support entitlements, and any pending engagements,” per the BBC. While


Huawei's "Hong Meng" operation is...
technologymobilekhHuawei's "Hong Meng" operation is expected to expire at the end of this year and as early as next year
Following a trade dispute between the United States and China and a breakthrough between Google and Huawei, one of China's major flagship companies confirmed that it was readying its way back in the past seven years by shaping production.


Founding Fathers: "The US's 90-day...
worldkhFounding Fathers: "The US's 90-day delay is meaningless, Huawei is ready to act"
China's Huawei Technologies co-founder Ren Zhengfei said Wednesday that the delay of 90 days in implementing the ban on the company was meaningless, and that Huawei was preparing for the launch.



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