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Newly-Discovered 'Vibranium' Fish...
technologyNewly-Discovered 'Vibranium' Fish Named in Honor of Wakanda
While SCUBA diving off the coast of Zanzibar, marine biologist Luiz Rocha saw a fish he had never seen before. He sent a photograph to his collaborator Yi-Kai Tea, currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Sydney, who confirmed that it was a


(Update) Yo-Kai Watch 4, which is now...
gaming(Update) Yo-Kai Watch 4, which is now coming west, is hosting free and paid DLC
Yooooo, yoooooooo, yo-kai are everywhere[Update: Oh, Level-5 confirmed it's actually coming west today at Anime Expo! Literally no info is available on timing or much at all really, outside of the fact that it will have an English dub, and bits and


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Yo-Kai Watch 4 is getting free and...
gamingYo-Kai Watch 4 is getting free and paid DLC, which the west can likely play if we ever get it
Yooooo, yoooooooo, yo-kai are everywhereYo-Kai Watch 4 has arrived on Switch in Japan after several delays, and now it's the only mainline Yo-Kai Watch game that hasn't been released in the west. Given the waning popularity of the 3DS and the insane


EXO’s Kai is Leaving Us High and Dry...
entertainmentkoreanEXO’s Kai is Leaving Us High and Dry | E! #Thirstdays
The gift that keeps on giving, we present our #Thirstday inductee of the week – EXO’s Kai. Time to unwrap!


Kai was filming for the first time...
entertainmentKai was filming for the first time because of his hair as he woke up from his sleep too funny.kh
South Korea: Anyone know in EXO Kai, who is the hottest groom, no matter how gestures or facial expressions, the former Jennie's ex-girlfriend has been praised for not giving up.


Kai's great-looking actress, who has...
entertainmentkoreanKai's great-looking actress, who has been filming photos in his most romantic bed, has not been able to keep up with Fengkh
South Korea: For fans who are passionate about Kpop, surely there is no one who does not know EXO's leading male band, especially each member of the band, all of which are unique charms.

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