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Modi has won a landslide election in...
worldkhModi has won a landslide election in India
The result marks a huge vote of confidence in Modi's leadership


American lawmakers proposed a law and...
worldusakhAmerican lawmakers proposed a law and a strong message warning Hun Sen
Unlike the previous bill, the United States is deeply concerned about human rights and the South China Sea issue, the new law


China seeks neighbor's support in...
worldusakhChina seeks neighbor's support in trade war with the United States
In his remarks reported on Thursday, Wang Yi reaffirmed his stance


US officials say the US Defense...
worldusakhUS officials say the US Defense Department is considering adding troops in the Middle East
It is not yet clear whether the White House will decide on the proposal to send soldiers to the number as requested


Trump walks out of anger by meeting...
worldusakhTrump walks out of anger by meeting with the Democrats on infrastructure
The president accused the Democrats of holding a meeting that morning to discuss "accusations against him."


US military action prevented the...
worldusakhUS military action prevented the potential of an Iranian attack on Americans
"We talked about those threats and there was a real attack," Shanahan said.


The survey showed that American...
worldusakhThe survey showed that American companies reconsidered their presence in China
Recent US Chamber of Commerce surveys in China and another organization in Shanghai


North Korea insults Biden of being...
worldusakhNorth Korea insults Biden of being "mentally ill"
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) news agency KCNA criticized Mr. Biden because recently Biden called North Korean leader Kim Jong Un


Press freedom in China continues to...
worldkhPress freedom in China continues to face declines
Chinese authorities use technology and crackdown on Twitter to suppress dissent as the outlook remains dark for greater press freedom in the nation


US lawmakers call for an end to the...
worldusakhUS lawmakers call for an end to the persecution of former opposition officials
US lawmakers support the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which asked Cambodia to respect genuine multi-party democracy after its



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