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11 dead, 122 wounded after quake hits...
cambodia11 dead, 122 wounded after quake hits China (Video)kh
At least 11 people and hundreds more were reported dead and wounded after a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck last night in the southern part of the country.


Look at the corner of the net, Mr....
entertainmentLook at the corner of the net, Mr. Dilraba, playing a purple pantomime, killing the heart of Fen no less.kh
Chinese actor and actress Zhang Ziyi has been invited to the "Tencent Picture" event held in Beijing, China, on June 17.


Watching Chinese drunk driving ......
cambodiaaccidentWatching Chinese drunk driving ... hit the jumbo motorbikekh
Two Chinese nationals are drunk, while one Ferrari racing machine flew as fast as flying,


Thunderstorms collapsed last night in...
cambodiaThunderstorms collapsed last night in China, dropping two cars into the river as no bodies were foundkh
At least two cars were reportedly crashed into a river after a collision with a bridge collapsed on Friday, June 14, 2014,


Filming a long time together, Jackson...
entertainmentkoreanFilming a long time together, Jackson and Lucas just realized they were from each other at a young agekh
While Chinese celebrity Kpop singers Jackson and Lucas have been together for a television show together, they are reported to have strong consensus because of the many similarities.


In fact, Sin Sopheak traffic police...
cambodiaIn fact, Sin Sopheak traffic police are chasing Chinese car crashes, causing traffic accidents and carrying 6 kilograms of drugs.kh
The crowds and travelers are shocked to hear that a Chinese man drove the Lexus RX350 into full-blown Indian tuk-tuks and later found that in the vehicle,


Three Chinese men inflicted serious...
cambodiaThree Chinese men inflicted serious injuries on their faces in front of the Chinese embassykh
(Phnom Penh): Two Chinese men, one side, one side, one side, three people, only a small touch on the side, causing the end of a stab wound on the victim, causing serious injuries.


Liu Yifei is a Chinese girl, but she...
entertainmentLiu Yifei is a Chinese girl, but she has a weakness that makes her face worsekh
Chinese: Liu Yifei is a famous Chinese actress. Although she has been in the field for many years now, she has maintained a position as a pretty girl,


A Chinese man was sentenced to death...
cambodiaA Chinese man was sentenced to death for allegedly stealing a Chinese cabriolet and fleeing for four years.kh
(Phnom Penh): Porsenchey district police sent a Chinese man to a court in connection with a breach of trust by hiring a lorry scooter from the same Chinese man and fleeing for four years.


Little Princess Norodom Jayena...
entertainmentLittle Princess Norodom Jayena Singers in 3 languages, Chinese, English,kh
Phnom Penh: A lot of fans are aware of the talents of a young singer with the royal dynasty of Norodom Cheng, and that he has a great ability in various art forms.



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