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Widodo is looking at the presidential...
worldkhWidodo is looking at the presidential seat for the second mandate, but Subedi Yongo says he does not sit down
In Indonesia, the National Election Commission (NEC), which announces the official results on Wednesday, 22 May, announced at midnight


OCDE urges to eliminate trade wars
worldkhOCDE urges to eliminate trade wars
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) called on Tuesday to allow member countries to refrain from a commercial war.


Attorney: Calling former opposition...
cambodiakhAttorney: Calling former opposition activists of the court and authorities to intimidate and abuse rights
Earlier on Tuesday, the Battambang Provincial Court had asked for more than four former CNRP activists involved in the case.


After Svay Rieng province, Takeo...
cambodiakhAfter Svay Rieng province, Takeo province was selected as a royal venue
As every year, the Royal Plowing Ceremony is held regularly before the rainy season comes.


France calls on Europe to join forces...
worldkhFrance calls on Europe to join forces for independence in trade and sovereign technology
France, through the Minister of Economy and Finance Brunei Merrill, said there was only one consensus among member countries


Tehran will increase uranium...
worldkhTehran will increase uranium production in large quantities
Iran has announced that it has increased its uranium enrichment capacity in large quantities.


Preah Sihanouk province's 10...
cambodiakhPreah Sihanouk province's 10 communities urge the authorities to issue rights while the land prices rise
Hundreds of representatives from 10 communities protested in front of the Sihanoukville provincial hall on Tuesday morning


United States: Google announces close...
worldkhUnited States: Google announces close cooperation with Huawei
In the United States, Google announced on Sunday that it plans to suspend cooperation with Huawei.


National Day of Remembrance: The...
cambodiapoliticskhNational Day of Remembrance: The ruling party calls for curbs on the return of the killings
On May 20, it is the National Memorial Day of Remembrance, which was recently put into operation by the government


Mr. Chandrath: Kem Sokha's...
cambodiapoliticskhMr. Chandrath: Kem Sokha's accusations of trying to topple the government is a gross exaggeration.
Ou Chanrath, a former opposition lawmaker, who was re-elected as political adviser on Sunday, has called for an appeal.



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