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The Man Utd agreed to Pogba to Real,...
sportssoccerThe Man Utd agreed to Pogba to Real, but demanded the top playerkh
Manchester United have agreed a deal with La Liga giants Real Madrid for the sale of Paul Pogba, but wants Raphael Varane's forward forward in exchange.


Real nominated Raul as coach of the...
worldReal nominated Raul as coach of the Castilla Youthskh
Real Madrid have announced the appointment of former ex-Raul captain Castilla in the next season, according to a statement from the club.


If requested from Spain, PSG will...
sportssoccerIf requested from Spain, PSG will agree to sell Neymar immediately.kh
Ligue 1 teams have confirmed that PSG will agree to sell Neymar Jr this summer if the club has received an offer from Spain's Leicester club.


Griezmann: I can leave La Liga right...
sportssoccerGriezmann: I can leave La Liga right away when PSG is interestedkh
Antoine Griezmann is not sure whether he will stay in La Liga as the Ligue 1 and Barcelona champions Paris Saint-Germain are scrutinizing.


The 7 Champions League final between...
sportssoccerThe 7 Champions League final between the teams from the same leaguekh
Nearly two decades ago, Real Madrid lost to both Valencia battles against Valencia in La Liga, but won Valencia 3

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Police arrest player and club...
worldPolice arrest player and club president in La Liga for match fixing ahead of 29, May 2019, 8:39 pmkh
Spanish police have arrested La Liga player La Liga and second division, including some club managers.

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