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Inside Swamp Works, the NASA Lab...
technologyInside Swamp Works, the NASA Lab Learning to Mine the Moon
NASA's Swamp Works may be humans' best hope for figuring out how to live and work on other planets.


technologyEngadget NASA's Astrobee cube robot completes first hardware tests in space
Robots are one step closer to taking care of spacecraft after NASA completed its first hardware checks on a cube robot.


The Shrinky, Wrinkly, Seismic Moon
technologyThe Shrinky, Wrinkly, Seismic Moon
PLUS: A cleansing wind for Mars and a new star for Orion (eventually).


Blue Origin and SpaceX get...
technologyBlue Origin and SpaceX get million-dollar NASA nod to test moon lander tech
Eleven aerospace companies will share more than $45 million in funds from NASA to design and test prototypes for the Artemis moon missions, the agency announced today. Among the established names like Northrop Grumman and Sierra Nevada are relative newcom


Spotting Fires from the Earth, Air...
technologySpotting Fires from the Earth, Air and Space
A new camera system from a California electrical company, airborne and space-based sensors from NASA, provide real-time information for firefighters on the ground


NASA vehicle records a scene where...
worldkhNASA vehicle records a scene where Israeli vehicles crashed on the moon's surface (Photo inside)
NASA released a picture of Israeli spacecraft during its attempt to land in the moon in April.


NASA Needs $1.6 Billion More to Send...
technologyNASA Needs $1.6 Billion More to Send a Human to the Moon
The space agency's new budget amendment has been called a "down payment" on what will be needed in future years to fund the program.


NASA gives its new Moon mission a...
technologyNASA gives its new Moon mission a name: Artemis
Cool missions need cool names, and NASA's new plan to establish a permanent lunar presence and put an American on the Moon again now has one: Artemis. It's nod both to Apollo, the 50th anniversary of the culmination of which is this year, and to the fact


Trump Seeks Extra $1.6 Billion in...
healthTrump Seeks Extra $1.6 Billion in NASA Spending Under Goal of Returning to Moon
The proposed increase would bring NASA's total spending level for the 2020 fiscal year to $22.6 billion


Donald Tramp approves $ 1.6 billion...
worldkhDonald Tramp approves $ 1.6 billion in funding for NASA to send people to the moon by 2024
(Washington): In the end, US President Donald Trump has approved a $ 1.6 billion package for the fiscal year 2020 to help push people to the moon by 2024.



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