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Stoltenberg: NATO Summit Set for...
worldStoltenberg: NATO Summit Set for London on Dec. 3-4
It will mark the alliance's 70th anniversary, secretary-general says


NATO airstrikes reportedly killed 17...
worldkhNATO airstrikes reportedly killed 17 unintentionally Afghan police officers
According to a RT news release on May 17, 2019, the air strikes of a NATO-sponsored rescue mission reportedly killed 17 police officers in Afghanistan on Thursday,


EU Defends Military Reforms Against...
worldEU Defends Military Reforms Against US Criticism
Skirmish over military spending comes as transatlantic ties are at a long-time low with fears running high that cooperation at NATO could be endangered


NATO Secretary General: Conflict may...
worldkhNATO Secretary General: Conflict may explode if US continues to boost military presence in the Middle East
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has expressed deep concern about the recent US military presence in the Middle East, warning that it may result in an accidental conflict.


Two Suspected Russian Agents Among 14...
worldTwo Suspected Russian Agents Among 14 Convicted in Montenegro Coup Plot
The Russian suspects, believed to be back in Russia, were tried and sentenced in absentia in a plot to prevent Montenegro from joining NATO.


The NATO director visited Ankara to...
worldkhThe NATO director visited Ankara to block Russian missile sales
NATO's visit is seen as the latest lobby of Ankara to abandon missile purchases.


In North Macedonia Runoff for...
worldIn North Macedonia Runoff for President, Rivals Are Split on Name Change
The country formally changed its name to overcome objections from Greece, allowing North Macedonia to join NATO and possibly the European Union.


New Names New US Commander in Europe...
worldNew Names New US Commander in Europe Amid NATO Worries, Tensions
Air Force Gen. Tod Wolters will take over for Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti in the dual roles of NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe and head of U.S. European Command


Donald Trump proposed that the Senate...
worldkhDonald Trump proposed that the Senate consider North Macedonia as the 30th member of NATO
US President Donald Trump has taken another step forward, asking the US Senate to consider ratifying the protocol to include North Macedonia, the 30th member of NATO.



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