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Pogba unveils future for Manchester...
sportssoccerkhPogba unveils future for Manchester United
Paul Pogba has revealed his future, saying he may leave Manchester United in the near future, as rumors about Real Madrid's desire to play in the club and club


Paul Poka is committed to joining...
sportssoccerkhPaul Poka is committed to joining Real Madrid this summer
Paul Pogba is determined to join Real Madrid this summer despite Manchester United


Paul Pogba: This summer can be a good...
sportssoccerkhPaul Pogba: This summer can be a good time to leave
Manchester United's Paul Pogba says this summer may "be a good time to leave," according to a BBC source.


Anthem: Don't Believe The Gripe
gamingAnthem: Don't Believe The Gripe
Paul writes: 'A lot has been said about Bioware's looter shooter Anthem, numerous YouTube types and reviewers alike all have an opinion, usually negative, about the game itself whether it be the perceived lack of endgame, or, EA... well being EA really...


Paul Pogba: Man Utd midfielder says...
sportssoccerPaul Pogba: Man Utd midfielder says 'now could be good time to leave'
Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba says now "could be a good time to move elsewhere".


Pogba: Real Madrid I want to join...
sportssoccerkhPogba: Real Madrid I want to join next season
Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is reportedly keen to move to Real Madrid this summer, with Pogba keen to leave Manchester United.


Dauntless Review | TheXboxHub
gamingDauntless Review | TheXboxHub
Paul writes: 'Coming from Phoenix Labs is the latest entry in the increasingly popular Free-to-Play (F2P) genre, a game called Dauntless. This has an interesting premise, asking us to go on hunts to destroy monsters, take the trophies that they drop when


Ant-Man 3: Paul Rudd Thinks Marvel...
gamingAnt-Man 3: Paul Rudd Thinks Marvel Fans Need to Campaign for Sequel
Paul Rudd says he doesn't know if another Ant-Man solo movie will happen, though he's still on the hook for two more Marvel movies.



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