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Leaked ! Mbappe will join the Spanish...
sportssoccerLeaked ! Mbappe will join the Spanish giants in 2021kh
The youngster, Kyllan Mbappe, is said to be joining Zidane's management at Real Madrid in 2021, a year before his termination with PSG, according to Dairio Gol.


A Brazilian defensive midfielder says...
sportssoccerA Brazilian defensive midfielder says he will do something to avoid embarrassmentkh
Brazilian midfielder Thiago Silva and PSG head coach Thiago Silva have said that he will follow Zinedine Zidane and his first retirement plan is to be ashamed. "I hope to be able to decide to give up my career.


PSG are ready to sign a former Real...
sportssoccerPSG are ready to sign a former Real Madrid contractkh
Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is reportedly ready to sign a contract with former Real Madrid defender Sebilla's Pablo Sarbia, according to a source close to the Paris-based club.


Dani Alves has announced he will be...
sportsDani Alves has announced he will be leaving PSGkh
Defender Dani Alves announced on his Instagram account from departing from Paris Saint-Germain.


Speak to Marquinhos about one thing...
sportssoccerSpeak to Marquinhos about one thing regarding Neymar's future at PSGkh
Brazil: The midfielder, who is helping Brazil in the Copa America 2019 Marquinhos, talks about PSG's team-mate that Neymar save Neymar could help resolve PSG's difficulties.


The Brazilian has announced that he...
sportsThe Brazilian has announced that he has left PSGkh
Dani Alves has announced his retirement from PSG on Sunday, just hours after Brazil beat Peru 5-0 in the Copa America Cup. Dani Alves joins PSG this season


PSG change his mind that Barcelona...
sportssoccerPSG change his mind that Barcelona will not sell Neymar at any costkh
Paris Saint-Germain is expected to be determined to fight to keep Neymar from leaving, and told Barcelona that the striker will not be sold.


De Gea may be disappointed with PSG...
sportsDe Gea may be disappointed with PSG wanting to turn AC Milan back onkh
Paris Saint-Germian has announced the nomination of Leonardo Araujo as the club's director of sports on June 1, 2019.


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