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Jeff Bezos Wouldn’t Even Come On...
technologyJeff Bezos Wouldn’t Even Come On Stage to Listen to His Employees Who Want Amazon to Address Climate Change
At Amazon’s shareholder meeting today, employees and investors voted on a wide-ranging spate of proposals, from banning the practice of selling facial recognition technology to adopting a serious plan to address climate change. Each of the proposals ultim


Vietjet offers flight tickets ranging...
cambodiakhVietjet offers flight tickets ranging from $ 0 million to celebrate the hot summer campaign.
Vietnam: To celebrate the "Love Connection - Show your summer version" campaign, Vietjet announces the launch of a fantastic flight ticket worth


The car is waiting for a long range...
worldkhThe car is waiting for a long range to gasoline in Venezuela as US sanctions begin to impact
US sanctions on oil-rich Venezuela seem to be affecting linear alignment.


Retinal Vasculature Segmentation with...
programmingmachine learningRetinal Vasculature Segmentation with a U-Net Architecture
The structures exhibited by the retinal vasculature infers critical information about a wide range of retinal pathologies such as…


Epic Games Store Will Block Your...
gamingEpic Games Store Will Block Your Account If You Buy Too Many Games Too Quickly
There’s a big sale on right now at the Epic Games Store, a time when many users—conditioned by Steam’s frequently generous discounts on a huge range of titles—go nuts and buy a ton of stuff real quickly. On Valve’s store that’s enough to get you a pile of


US Lawmakers Turn Focus to Full Range...
worldUS Lawmakers Turn Focus to Full Range of Russian Influence Ops
Key democrat is pushing for legislation to require political campaigns report all outreach by foreign nationals


Mid-range flagships like the Honor 20...
technologymobileMid-range flagships like the Honor 20 Pro are giving premium phones a run for their money
Phone sales have been trending downward for some time now. There are a number of reasons for this — many of which you can read about in this piece I published last week. The creeping cost of premium handsets is pretty high on that list, which flagships no


I Pitted Canon's 'Affordable' EOS RP...
technologyI Pitted Canon's 'Affordable' EOS RP Against My Beloved Sony A7 IIICanon RPCanon RPCanon RP
The $1,300 Canon RP is not the best camera made or even the slickest mirrorless camera. It will win no awards for dynamic range or color rendition, and if you’ve got strong feelings about the number of megapixels available in post-production, it will leav


Google reportedly suspends select...
technologyGoogle reportedly suspends select business with Huawei over U.S. ban
The Trump administration Huawei ban is sure to have wide-ranging and long lasting effects for all parties. In the meantime, it seems, a number of those involved in the periphery are treading lightly in hope of not burning bridges on either side. Google ha



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