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AFF U15 Girls finals in U15
worldkhAFF U15 Girls finals in U15
Women's Under-15 National League boys face Thai women's finals AFF U15 Girls Championship 2019 through a three-lucky win


Kampong Chhnang continues to book...
sportskhKampong Chhnang continues to book Vichara's U15 final round after dropping Kandal to 11-1
(Phnom Penh): Kampong Chhnang Provincial Department of Education Youth and Sports has become the second team to continue their final round of the G-PARK Youth Cup U-15, hosted by the next Tea Party


AFF: U15 Cambodia lost 5 matches,...
sportskhAFF: U15 Cambodia lost 5 matches, while Thailand and Laos went on to 16, May 2019, 3:47 pm
Cambodia's Under-15 national team arrived home on Thursday night after completing the AFF U15 Girls'


AFF U15 Girl: Cambodia lost to...
sportskhAFF U15 Girl: Cambodia lost to Thailand 4-0 14, May 2019, 2:48 pm
Cambodia National Under-15s lost their chances of qualifying for the AFF U15 Girls Championship 2019 after losing 4-0 to Thailand.


AFF U15 Girl this evening: U15...
cambodiakhAFF U15 Girl this evening: U15 Cambodian women touch Thai hosts
Women's Under-15 National team will compete against Thai home team Thailand third place in Group B event


AFF U15 Girl This afternoon: U15...
cambodiakhAFF U15 Girl This afternoon: U15 Cambodian women touch Malaysia
At 3:00 pm, the Under-15 National Women's Team will compete against Malaysian Women in the second round.


AFF U15 Girl: Cambodia touches...
sportskhAFF U15 Girl: Cambodia touches Malaysia before Thailand greets Singapore 11 May 2019, 11:57 am
Cambodia's Under-15 National team is against Malaysia for the second AFF U15 Girls Championship qualifiers at 3 pm


AFF U15 Girl: U15 Women lost to...
cambodiakhAFF U15 Girl: U15 Women lost to Singapore 2-1
Women's Under-15 National team lost to Singapore women's team with 1-2 match-kicks in Group B


FFC releases U15 list of AFF U15...
cambodiakhFFC releases U15 list of AFF U15 players in Thailand
The Federation of Cambodian Football Federation (FFC) yesterday released a list of 23 national athletes preparing for the training.


Vibhala creates a youth tournament...
cambodiakhVibhala creates a youth tournament under 15 years old to make a youth squad at 02, May 2019, 7:59 am
Vichy The Cambodian League of Legends sets up the first prize for young people under the age of 15, with a team from local



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