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Anthem: Don't Believe The Gripe
gamingAnthem: Don't Believe The Gripe
Paul writes: 'A lot has been said about Bioware's looter shooter Anthem, numerous YouTube types and reviewers alike all have an opinion, usually negative, about the game itself whether it be the perceived lack of endgame, or, EA... well being EA really...


YouTube viewers with more viewers...
worldkhYouTube viewers with more viewers have the opportunity to study at a university in Indonesia 16, Jun 2019, 5:34 pm
A university in Indonesia has opened a special opportunity for all YouTube gamers to attend their school.


Kia's Seltos gets teased just a...
technologycarsKia's Seltos gets teased just a little more in a YouTube video
Thankfully Kia's new crossover has good looks to back up its weird name.


Great Brush Watch Video Forget Too...
technologykhGreat Brush Watch Video Forget Too Soon YouTube Notified to Rest
In 2018, Google and Apple have released many features ...


YouTube Testimonials Lure Patients to...
technologyYouTube Testimonials Lure Patients to Shady Stem Cell Clinics
Emotional videos, often paid for by clinics, are attracting desperate patients to unproven stem cell treatments that can be dangerous—or even deadly.


Taylor Swift's You Need To Calm Down:...
technologymobileTaylor Swift's You Need To Calm Down: How to stream and buy the new single now
Listen to You Need To Calm Down on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and more.


Tesla’s in-car touchscreens are...
technologycarsTesla’s in-car touchscreens are getting YouTube support
Tesla has consistently been adding software to its in-car touchscreen infotainment displays – including sometimes things that probably leave a lot of people scratching their heads. During a special Q&A today at annual gaming event E3 in LA, Tesla CEO Elon


Google Stadia hands-on: near-flawless...
gamingGoogle Stadia hands-on: near-flawless Doom Eternal running on a Chromebook | Verge
The Verge got to try the latest version of Stadia at E3 at the YouTube Gaming space in downtown Los Angeles.


Self-esteem makes Daimong youth a...
technologykhSelf-esteem makes Daimong youth a prominent YouTube celebrity
Previously known as Dmitry had experienced bitter things like ...


Google will work with LGBTQ+ groups...
technologyGoogle will work with LGBTQ+ groups on harassment policies
In an internal email to LGBTQ+ employees, Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged the "pain and frustration over recent events."



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