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Amazon update brings thousands of...
Amazon update brings thousands of films and shows to more Fire TVs
AMAZON quietly rolled-out support for the Apple TV+ streaming app to its Fire TV Cube and third-generation Fire TV boxes...

IPhone users are quick to update your...
IPhone users are quick to update your Facebook app if there is no problemkh
Recently, some iPhone users have reported that Facebook app on iOS contains a bug that can unintentionally turn on the camera...


Phone Companies Are Exploiting...
Phone Companies Are Exploiting Low-Income Users Around the World
Cheap Android phones filled with potentially dangerous ‘bloatware’ are just the beginning


Plum, the ‘AI’ money management app,...
Plum, the ‘AI’ money management app, raises $3M more and comes to Android
Plum, the U.K.-based “AI assistant” to help you manage your money and save more, has raised $3 million in additional funding...


PalmPay launches in Nigeria on $40M...
PalmPay launches in Nigeria on $40M round led by China’s Transsion
Africa focused payment startup PalmPay has launched in Nigeria after raising a $40 million seed-round led by Chinese...


Dear Reader: Watch Where You’re Going
Dear Reader: Watch Where You’re Going
You know you do it: texting and walking at the same time. It’s not safe, obviously. Here’s how to take control of your tech use.


Federal Court Rules That Border...
Federal Court Rules That Border Agents Need Probable Cause to Search Travelers' Phones
A federal court in Boston ruled on Tuesday that suspicionless searches of electronics at U.S. border crossings are...


Apple has announced that it will...
Apple has announced that it will launch an iPhone for just $ 500kh
According to leaked information from the handset giant, Apple is confident that the company is looking to launch a new...


Huawei is reportedly giving staff...
Huawei is reportedly giving staff $286m in bonuses for sticking through US ban
Huawei's R&D teams will likely see the extra cash, a report says.


Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 just...
Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 just received a new feature you can use right now
OWN a shiny new Pixel 4 or a Pixel 3? Your phone has just received a new feature from Google and here's how to use it.


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