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7-Eleven pledges $7,111 to college...
usa7-Eleven pledges $7,111 to college fund of baby born on 7-11 at 7:11 pm, weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces
J'Aime Brown was born on 7-11 at 7:11 pm, weighing seven pounds and 11 ounces.


Ayesha Curry mocked for dance...
usaAyesha Curry mocked for dance movesAyesha Curry mocked for dance moves
Chef and author Ayesha Curry was mocked for dancing the "Milly Rock." Her husband, NBA star Stephen Curry, is defending her.


Fake legs are being left at memorial...
usaFake legs are being left at memorial for man killed by shark off Massachusetts coast
Authorities want to know why three fake legs have been left at different times at a memorial to a man who died after he was...


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